Statue Of Alexander Hamilton Unveiled

On Jul 24, 2022

Charlestown-Nevis-A significant ceremony was held on the grounds of the Alexander Hamilton Museum, on the afternoon of Friday 22nd July.

The ceremony, which saw the unveiling of a statue of Alexander Hamilton, was expertly chaired by Director at the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS), Ms. Jahnel Nisbett.

It commenced with prayer by Pastor Eversley Pemberton and the performing of the national anthem of St. Kitts and Nevis, by Eliesel R. Dorsett, followed by the performing of the national anthem of the United States of America, by Lee Sullivan.

Among those making brief remarks, were Mr. Richard Lupinacci, President of the NHCS and Premier of Nevis, Hon. Mark Brantley, created quite a stir and round of applause when he opined that since Alexander Hamilton was born on Nevis and contributed so significantly to the great United States of America, America should now in turn, grant visa-free access to all Nevisians.

Scott MacScott, a Hamilton Reenactor (who by the way, immaculately dressed the part), did a portrayal of Hamilton.
Thomas Oller, Vice Chair of the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society (AHA), read a statement from Douglas Hamilton-Alexander Hamilton’s fifth great-grandson.

President of the AHA society, Nichole Scholet, also delivered remarks.

A poem entitled ‘Hamilton-you are back,’ was aptly delivered by seasoned poet, Harvey Hendrickson.

Then came the moment that everyone was waiting for the unveiling of the statue in memory of the great man.
It was a WOW moment and the consensus of opinion was that the creators of the statue, did a fantastic job in symbolizing Hamilton as a young man.

It was also the general view that the statue was a wonderful addition to the archives of the museum and will serve as a huge drawing card to get more visitors to the shores of Nevis.

The vote of thanks was ably delivered by former Hamilton Scholarship recipient, Abigaile Swanston.

Following the official ceremony, many persons took photos alongside the statue.

Another important feature of the afternoon’s proceedings was the announcement of the top placers in a recent art competition, which was part of activities celebrating the life of Hamilton.

1st place-Anneliese Arthurton

2nd Jamoya Mitchell

3rd Jirell Powell

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