School Groups

Alexander Hamilton explaining to students at Mount Vernon about his relationship to George Washington

Alexander Hamilton is dedicated to helping students appreciate the financial, legal, social and historical aspects of life during the founding of America. Whether you travel to him, he travels to you or we meet together from the comfort of our classrooms, there is an option for all school groups.

Zoom Reality or Virtual Reality

Hamilton coded himself into existence
Historic Zoom calls across time

“‘I wrote financial systems into existence’ and i coded myself into existence”

No longer constrained by the speed of a sloop or a horse, Alexander Hamilton can interact with your class via your existing class computer. We offer subject specific 30-45 minute class teleconference experiences via Zoom or other communication software. Whether you are looking for a lecture, symposium or just a question and answer session, we will work with your educational requirements to exceed your educational objectives.

For those with a look to the horizon, step through the computer monitor and stand next to Alexander in the Assembly Room of Independence Hall. Our purpose built replica of this historic room provides an safe, secure interactive space where students and teachers can see and experience history in a uniquely futuristic manner.

Relive the 1776 Debate for Independence

Join the Constitutional Convention

Though the future of Virtual Reality is best experienced with a headset, you can still take part with any computer connected to the internet. Contact us to confirm that your school computer can explore Altspace.

Private Tour of NYC

The best private tour of New York City is with Alexander Hamilton as your tour guide. Our high quality wireless headphones can accommodate groups up to 60 people and ensure that you hear every bit of wit and wisdom that Ham utters. Contact us for special rates for school and homeschool groups.

Our New York Tour is available at the convenience of private groups of ten passengers or more. We also offer lantern tours at night. Tours can be customized for time allotted or to include specific educational content. Contact us today to customize your private or school tour.

Wireless headphones provide the ultimate listening experience

Large groups receive a complimentary ticket for every ten paying passengers. This helps offset the price for hardworking adults chaperones.

Philadelphia is part of our best possible living history tour

Alexander Hamilton can be your local colonial guide throughout the country. He is a licensed history guide in New York City, Washington DC and Colonial Williamsburg, VA. Let him help you create your ultimate history tour.