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Every Monday “Money Mondays with America’s 1st Secretary of the Treasury”

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Zoom vs Virtual Reality

‘I wrote financial systems into existence’ and I coded myself into existence

No longer constrained by the speed of a sloop or a horse, Alexander Hamilton can interact with your group via your existing computer. We offer subject specific 30-45 minute teleconference experiences via Zoom or other communication software. Whether you are looking for a lecture, symposium or just a question and answer session, we will work with your educational requirements to exceed your educational objectives.

For those with a look to the horizon, step through the computer monitor and stand next to Alexander in the Assembly Room of Independence Hall. Our purpose built replica of this historic room provides an safe, secure interactive space where students and teachers can see and experience history in a uniquely futuristic manner.

Login to and join the thousands of others who checked out our channel “Alexander Hamilton” for our latest events. You will be able to partake in the conversation and gain the personal insight of an influential Founding Father.

All your class needs is a computer with a hotmail or outlook email account and a microphone. Create an account and avatar at and then join an event. All of these accounts are free. A VR headset is not necessary but would significantly increase the experience. Contact us today and get connected to the future.