A.H. views on July 4th

We offer lectures on all aspects of Alexander Hamilton and the works that he hath produced. To request a lecture in either the 1st or 3rd person please contact Scott MacScott at Scott@TheTravels.com. We can satisfy a wide range of interests and time schedules.

Scott has portrayed Alexander Hamilton all over the world. Following in Alexander’s footsteps from his birthplace in Nevis to his final resting place in New York’s Trinity Church, Scott has characterized the essence of Hamilton at at his most important life moments. Check out our social media pages to see him at his New York home The Grange, Federal Hall NY, Rock Hall NY, Fraunces Tavern NY, City Tavern PA, Mount Vernon VA, Colonial Williamsburg VA, Yorktown VA and many other historic sites and battlefields. 

This 30-minute lecture is delivered in the first person by Alexander Hamilton and covers his time in NY up until the reading of the Declaration of Independence (1773-1776).

Scott Mac Scott as Alexander Hamilton at Federal Hall New York City

Learn the historical importance of surrounding the reading of the Declaration from a contemporary New Yorkers point of view. Through anecdotes and inspirational life lessons, he recollects his experiences with famous New Yorkers and the Sons of Liberty while describing how his actions helped beckon New Yorkers through the difficult pathway of Revolution without succumbing to anarchy.

Alexander provides a historical background as to the causes, reasoning, and events that led up to that day. With liberty and loyalty stirring in his heart Alexander Hamilton can uniquely convey the true sense of the Revolution and the importance of Independence Day in New York.