Hamilton Lifts the American Spirit

Our wee three hour piece of street theatre is sure to educate and entertain. As its name supposes, you should not only have a gratifying experience of exploring Colonial New York, but have a greater sense of the American traditions that were started by our Founding Fathers here in our great city.

New York, as the first capital of the people of the United States, holds a special place in every American’s heart. Explore how Jefferson and Hamilton walked around our streets and molded the eternal fabric of America.

Hamilton loves to write

“Hamilton Arouses the American Spirit” is the story of how one illegitimate boy wrote, spoke, protested and took up arms to help forge the best nation on earth.

Alexander Hamilton, portrayed by historian actor Scott MacScott, talks about the struggles and schism between the people of the colonies and the crown. Alexander experienced this rip and influenced the revolutionary spirit of New York before, during and after the war. Realizing the possibilities of our new status on this continent, Alexander pushed for a new stronger Federal Government. This enduring Democratic experiment is sustained by his foundational writings in the Federalist papers. The dominance of the US Dollar for world trade and finance is a realization of Hamilton’s plan for a strong American economy.

Alexander shares anecdotes of those around him in order to convey a diverse sense of the spirit of the American people during the nascent years of our country. This “Spirit of ‘76” is therefore also be seen in the opposing views of Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and Hamilton. There is always an opportunity to speak directly to Alexander Hamilton and learn more about the history of our great country and the decisions of our Founding Fathers.