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  • Statue Of Alexander Hamilton Unveiled

    Home News Sports Entertainment Videos Culturama Ferry Schedule Contact Home Featured Statue Of Alexander Hamilton Unveiled FEATUREDLOCALNEWS Statue Of Alexander Hamilton Unveiled On Jul 24, 2022 Charlestown-Nevis-A significant ceremony was held on the grounds of the Alexander Hamilton Museum, on the afternoon of Friday 22nd July. The ceremony, which saw the unveiling of a statue of […]

  • Nevis Historical And Conservation Society To Erect The First Statue Of Alexander Hamilton On Nevis

    Charlestown, Nevis, July 15, 2022 (NIA) – The Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS) has announced plans to erect a life-size statue of Alexander Hamilton, Nevis’ native son and Founding Father of the United States of America. Speaking with the Department of Information on July 15, 2022, Ms. Jahnel Nisbett, Director at the NHCS, said the Society’s membership is extremely […]

  • Nevis To Unveil Alexander Hamilton Statue in July

    DESTINATION & TOURISM  BRIAN MAJOR  JUNE 04, 2022 The hit 2015 Broadway play “Hamilton” revealed U.S. Revolutionary War leader and founding statesman Alexander Hamilton’s Caribbean roots to a new generation of Americans. But the play never mentions Nevis (instead describing Hamilton as “born on a Caribbean island”). Yet Hamilton’s experiences in his birthplace produced profound influences that […]

  • American founding father Alexander Hamilton’s statue unveiled in Nevis

    By  WIC News Reporter. -23 July 2022, at 7:46 am The Nevis Island Administration on Friday installed the statue of American Founding Father and Nevisian Alexander Hamilton. The statue has been installed in front of the Alexander building where he was born, which now houses the Nevis Government Assembly chambers and the Museum of Nevis History. As […]

  • Alexander Hamilton is back in Nevis

    By Alexander Britell “Hamilton, you are back!”  Under a sunbeam on the water’s edge in Charlestown, Nevis, historian Harvey Hendrickson reads his ode to a still-shrouded sculpture on the lawn.  A few minutes later, the bronze is revealed, and Alexander Hamilton is finally back in the place of his birth nearly 257 years after his […]

  • New Yorkers dedicate statue in Nevis

    News & Upcoming Events in Orange County History & Heritage – 28 July 2022 An international crowd paid tribute to Alexander Hamilton on the island of Nevis where he was born circa 1755, leaving for New York in 1772 on the eve of the American Revolution New Yorkers dedicate statue in Nevis, West Indies 250 […]

  • Hamilton Statue Unveiling in Nevis

    Hamilton Statue Unveiling in Nevis

    On July 22nd 2022, a statue of Alexander Hamilton was unveiled in Nevis, the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton in the West Indies. The statue, which is located in front of the Nevis Assembly house, was commissioned by the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society with a donation by Mr. Robin Sommers and was created by sculptor Benjamin […]

  • Value of Bitcoin

    True Value of Bitcoin Every 10 minutes a new 1MB block of space is added to a secure chain of encrypted data. The amount of data that can fit on the block is finite. If each 256-SHA encryption takes up 32 bytes of space then (1000000/32=) 31250 records can fit on each block. How much […]