American founding father Alexander Hamilton’s statue unveiled in Nevis

By  WIC News Reporter. -23 July 2022, at 7:46 am

American founding father Alexander Hamilton’s statue unveiled in Nevis

The Nevis Island Administration on Friday installed the statue of American Founding Father and Nevisian Alexander Hamilton. The statue has been installed in front of the Alexander building where he was born, which now houses the Nevis Government Assembly chambers and the Museum of Nevis History. As per reports, the statue was donated by Robin Sommers.

Premier of Nevis, Mark Brantley called it a historic day in Nevis, “It is indeed a historic day in Nevis as we unveiled a statue of American Founding Father and Nevisian Alexander Hamilton on the grounds of his childhood home,”

Many vital individuals gathered at the location to honour the birthplace and the man whose legacy was recently rekindled in the Broadway smash “Hamilton.”

A message from Hamilton’s great-grandson Doug Hamilton was read, and local poetry welcomed Nevis’ son back home. Mark Brantley stated that Alexander’s life demonstrates that people must not be limited by the circumstances of their birth but only by the extent of their ambitions.

“May every boy and girl in Nevis be inspired to dream big dreams and to work hard to realize their ambitions, We were honoured to have been guests of the gentleman who had the bronze statue commissioned and so proud of our country of Nevis,” said Mark Brantley.

Alexander Hamilton was orphaned at birth, and a successful merchant raised him after being adopted as an orphan. He was sent to New York in his teenage years to finish his schooling.

Under a pseudonym, Hamilton wrote articles in support of the Continental Congress while still a student, and he also gave public speeches on the matter.

As the American Revolutionary War got underway, he joined the militia at a young age. He participated in the New York and New Jersey campaigns as an artillery officer in the young Continental Army. He joined General George Washington’s staff as a senior advisor in 1777, but he soon left to take command in the field just in time for a crucial engagement that put an end to the siege of Yorktown and effectively ended hostilities.

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